Project 52, Week 22

I leave tomorrow for a 2 week visit to Seattle so on Wednesday I treated myself to a hair cut! This is my selfie the following day. I have a friend who takes lovely selfies, even when she makes silly faces, I wish I could pull them off as well as her!  


Project 52, Week 21

Bank holiday weekend and as I am off to visit Hubster next week in Seattle I went to stay with mum for the weekend. That meant we had my neice come and stay with us 😍 I could not choose on,y one photo this week. Sunday morning mum went to the gym which meant Little Miss joined me in bed….selfie time! Just after this we sang ‘the grand old duke’ and as she was up in the air, she just fell asleep! So I put her down so I could get up and take her to her cot but just could not move her she looked so lovely…so we stayed in bed for another hour! She wriggles a lot now so I could t leave her unattended!!  (My phone took these photos so they are blurred but I love them!)